Smart Materials

What is Smart Materials?

Smart Panels

Improve any construction project by using an environmental, eco-friendly durable panel, with less material cost.

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Smart Windows

The airtight construction of double glazed windows creates thermal insulation. This reduces the flow of incoming and outgoing heat

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Smart Doors

Top of the line in performance and security with the highest rating for the toughest storms mother nature can unleash!

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Welcome to the FUTURE of Building! Improve any construction project by providing a Environmental Eco friendly, more durable panel, with less material cost – you want a Total Integrated Panel System.

The Total Integrated Panel System (TIPS) has been engineered with an insulate EPS (Styrofoam) core set between steel wire welded mesh fabric. Steel truss wires connect to the mesh fabric through the EPS in a pyramidal fashion.

Concrete is applied over the steel in a variety of techniques. Stamps can also be applied to create the appearance of stone, wood, block, brick, drywall, or almost any pattern imaginable.



See how a crew can assemble tilt-up panels utilizing TIPS (Total Integrated Panel System). This state of the art panel technology can reduce concrete in tilt-up panels by as much as 50%, rebar up to 90%, and weight by as much as 50%, WITHOUT reducing strength. Because it saves materials, labor, and machine costs, it integrates an effective R-value of 38 at equal price as a standard 7.25″ panel.

Joined together by a diagonal weld with galvanized steel truss wire set between steel wire welded mesh fabric. By using a three-dimensional distribution system, the loads are stressed equally across the entire structure providing the secure and SMARTER structure.